How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode or iTunes or Siri ✅ Having a main Computer

how to unlock iphone without passcode

How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode or iTunes or Siri: Forgot your iPhone password? Or maybe it’s the password for your iPad or iPod Touch? Regardless of your device, here you will find the best methods and a guide on how to Unlock iPhone without password or iTunes or Siri with a computer

Receive the message from «device disabled»
«iPhone locked by iCloud» after having tested your password several times is a frustration.

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The situation gets worse if you keep entering the wrong code many times, you’ll see a message telling you that your device has shut down. If you don’t remember the code, you’ll need to erase the device content, which will delete all data and settings, including the code. Unless you’ve backed up before you forgot the code, there’s no other way to save your device data.

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To protect your device’s data, Apple offers three ways to protect your device from unauthorized users, such as Face ID, Passcode, and password protection, including iCloud lock. Is the Passcode one of the basic functions used when the device cannot recognize your face or fingerprint? What can happen when you forget the code and the face or fingerprint is not recognized? It is a very annoying situation when you enter the wrong Passcode 5 times in a row and the iPhone appears «iPhone is disabled for X minutes». Download Code Unlock

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But don’t panic: here you will find the way on how to Unlock iPhone without Passcode or iTunes or Siri … just download the software now in any of our links.

Follow the steps below to unlock the code.

Unlock iPhone without Password with your computer

Unfortunately, unless you have a backup made through iCloud, there is no official way to unlock your iPhone device without a password without using iTunes or Siri. You will need to reset your device, which will erase all your data and settings, make sure you have a backup of your iPhone device.

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There is a way to bypass this and unlock iOS to bypass the Passcode, but you will need a PC to do so. Just download the free unlock software, iPassocode – iCloud Removal Tool

NOTE: Your device must have JAILBREAK.

Steps to Unlock iPhone without Passcode without using iTunes or Siri

To perform a successful Bypass from your computer and unlock iphone without Passcode, you must follow each of the steps provided below:

1- Jailbreak device.

2- Register on the server with the iMei number of the device.

3- Download activation files + iPasscode – iCloud Removal Tool.

4- It will launch the iPasscode app – iCloud Removal Tool.

5- Connect the device and set it to DFU mode.

6- You will click Start to scan and recognize it.

7- Click to load the activation file, then the free bypass will begin.

8- Wait four minutes for the process to finish and you’re done.

9- Finished disconnecting the device and setting it up with your account and downloading Cydia to download the apps, themes and settings for the device.

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